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“I found out about Summit through Instagram. I’ve been in a ton of pain lately and thought, what do I have to lose? I am so glad I tried them out. The office is beautiful, the staff is so friendly and courteous and most of all, thorough. They did exactly what they said they would. An exam, x-rays and an adjustment all while taking my pain levels and comfort into consideration. I would 100% recommend them.”

Denise G.

“All of the professionals at Summit Integrated Health are there for you! Anyone of them will answer questions, and you will know that they have your individual treatment plan under control. They will keep you updated on your progress. All the staff are the most pleasant people I have met!”

Leslie R.

“So refreshing to go to a clinic where your health and well being is truly their top priority. Staff is personable and extremely knowledgeable. I recommend Summit Integrated Health to anyone who is finally ready to get rid of pain/nagging injury once and for all!”

Joseph C.

“Everyone was so nice and helpful. I love the fact the doctor didn’t disregard any of my problems and listened. 100% highly recommended Summit Integrated Health!”

Crystal G.

“After being in pain for what seemed like eternity… Dr Allison got to the bottom of the source of my pain quickly and set out a plan to get me back on track. The support staff is the friendliest ever. You can tell when people love their work and here it shows.”

Amy B.

“Not a chain strip mall chiropractic care provider. This chiropractic practice is an extension or precursor to overall wellness. Free consultation is not a quick 15 mins of hello and what’s your pain issue, but a thoughtful conversation about how your path to pain relief is a comprehensive analysis of your condition.

This Practitioner will not touch your body without an x-ray and review of results towards a treatment plan that is uniquely yours. Overall experience from welcoming to care from competent and compassionate DC, technicians and office staff is outstanding.”

Evelyn R.

“Incredible. Understanding of my unusual predicament. Generous. Obvious teamwork happening. Needles less painful than previous practitioners. Office not overly “expensive” too bad I live 4 hours drive away. If something legitimate shows up closer to my home I know they’ll check it out for me. I felt they actually cared for me as a person.”

Catherine C.

“I used my Groupon for a Consult, X'ray & a spinal decompression at Summit. Dr Allison did my neck decompression for a start because I was complaining of neck pain for two months. After the treatment it was amazing to feel that the pain in my neck was instantly gone..! I could not explain how it happened because their machines are computerized and top of the line...and all I did was just lie down on the chiro bed...with my neck resting on a sort of "cradle" that is (maybe) hooked to a computer... I did not even feel any movement or pressure but the feeling is so comfortable that I liked to doze off”


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